New Jersey Natural Gas — Conserve to Preserve Rewards

Help H & M Potter School raise money while you learn how to save energy with NJNG's Conserve to Preserve Community Rewards Fundraiser!  
To get started have your New Jersey Natural Gas account number ready.  It will take approximately five minutes to complete the survey.  Once you receive your Energy Saving Profile click the Get Started with SAVEGREEN icon. 
You will be asked to fill out contact information.  When you are asked How did you hear about the Conserve to Preserve Dashboard?  Please select School or Community organization so that H & M Potter will receive credit for your survey.  On the next screen you can decide if you want NJNG to contact you, and it will also ask for your school or organization's name.  Please remember to enter H & M Potter.  
Remember to share this information with any friends or family members who are New Jersey Natural Gas customers.  Thank you for helping to raise money for our students.  
To get started please click here.
If you have any question please contact Ms. Cimino at (732) 269-5700 ext. 5002.